Modern Automotive Performance
Modern Automotive Performance
  • ACT Sprung 6 Puck Disc 90-99 Eclipse Turbo (DSM) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • ACT Sprung 6 Puck Disc 90-99 Eclipse Turbo (DSM) - Modern Automotive Performance

    ACT Sprung 6 Puck Disc 90-99 Eclipse Turbo (DSM)

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    PART# ACT 6224704

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    ACT Sprung 6 Puck Disc 90-99 Eclipse Turbo (DSM) - Modern Automotive Performance

    ACT 6-puck Sprung Race Disc - Part # 6224704

      All ACT Race Discs feature quicker shifting due to reduced weight, higher torque and heat capacity than organic discs with fade free characteristics, longer clutch life through ACT's careful selection of materials and features and SFI certification to insure safety.

    Product Details

    • Recommended for Road Racing and high power Street
    • Increased torque capacity and spline life
    • Very good durability and good spline life
    • Quiet operation, reduced driveline shock
    • Harsh engagement, chatter

    Vehicle Applications

    • Eagle Summit 1992-1995 (2.4L)
    • Eagle Talon 1989-1992 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 6-bolt)
    • Eagle Talon 1992-1999 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 7-bolt)
    • Mitsubishi 3000GT 1990-1999 (2WD)
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse 1989-1992 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 6-bolt)
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse 1992-1999 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 7-bolt)
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse 1996-2003 (non-turbo / 4cyl. / 2.4L)
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000-2005 (non-turbo / 2.4L)
    • Mitsubishi Expo 1991-1996 (2.4L)
    • Mitsubishi Galant 1991-1992 (Turbo / VR4 / AWD / 2.0L)
    • Mitsubishi Galant 1992-1993 (non-turbo / DOHC / AWD / 2.0L)
    • Mitsubishi Galant 1994-1997 (all 2.4L, 2.5L)
    • Plymouth Laser 1989-1992 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 2.0L / 6-bolt)
    • Plymouth Laser 1992-1994 (FWD/AWD / Turbo / 2.0L / 7-bolt)

    Key Features

    • All drive plates are high carbon spring steel that is heat treated and black zinc plated to resist bending, cracking, fatigue and rust even under severe racing conditions
    • ACT uses thicker retainer stampings for increased strength and durability
    • Spring windows are heat treated to resist wear, increase strength and reduce the chance of springs ‚Ǩ?ìpopping‚Ǩ? out from hub wear
    • Hub forgings are CNC machined for precision and consistency
    • All friction pads are measured, sorted and matched before assembly to insure that each disc is uniform in thickness
    • All ACT spring center race disc hub assemblies use bushings and cone springs similar to factory clutch discs. This creates frictional dampening which improves clutch life and reduces noise
    • ACT carefully selects rivet design and materials for maximum strength. Solid center discs use 16 hub rivets for high torque and shock tolerance
    • Heavy duty torsional dampening springs are stronger than standard springs and are offered in three sizes and spring rates. No more warped inserts or loose ring gears
    • Premium ceramic friction materials provide high heat tolerance, high coefficient of friction and low wear rates. Our pads will hold approximately 28% more torque than standard organic materials
    • Spring retainers utilize a wrap around spring window that not only gives liberal support for the springs, but also reduces stress concentrations that are a common cause for failure
    • We carefully broach our splines to ensure exact fit onto transmission input shafts for long spline life and better clutch release
    • SFI certification is provided on all ACT race discs. ACT race discs are legal for competition in all racing organizations that require SFI certification
    • Precision stampings for disc components are manufactured using dedicated tooling. This allows ACT to offer the highest in quality and consistency

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