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Evo 8/9 Modders Guide: More Power for Under $1000!!

3 warranty safe wrx mods

Three Fast and Easy Evo 8/9 Mods for Under $1000!

Nothing's better than cheap, easy modifications that bring instant power. Thankfully, the Evo 8/9 is a simple platform to modify, allowing for endless mods with unlimited potential for extraction of those precious horses. We've assembled a few modifications that are quick, easy, and wont hurt your bank account, tallying under $1000. So get your tools ready and check out three simple mods for your Evolution that'll bring you power while having plenty of cash left over for gas!

  • AEM Short Ram Intake System
  • ETS Short Route Intercooler Piping Kit
  • MAPerformance Stainless Steel 3" Downpipe

AEM Evo 8/9 Intake System

When it comes to modifications of any car, an intake system usually tops the list for many gearheads. One of the most popular intake systems for the Evo 8/9 comes from AEM. A short ram intake kit will provide enhanced filtration of harmful air contaminants, while still allowing plenty of air to enter the turbocharger. Unlike cold air intake systems which mount below the fender, a short ram kit will stay far, far away from any sort of wetness, keeping your engine running smooth for years to come. But which intake do you chose that will allow you to stay under budget while still being an attractive, power adding mod?

We like the AEM Evo 8/9 Short ram intake system better than other brands because of it's smooth transition from filter to turbo inlet and the slick color choices, available in either red or blue piping. AEM's air filters are also best-in-the-business, which helped get it to the top of our recommendations list. The AEM Evo 8/9 intake kit wont add a ton of power, but is a must-have for owners hoping to make more than stock horsepower while adding a little flare to their engine bay.

Evo 8/9 Intercooler Piping Kit by ETS

While not as common as an intake system, your Evo 8/9 will benefit from aftermarket intercooler piping just as much as any other modification. The older the Evolution gets, the more prone to cracking the factory intercooler piping becomes. This is even more-so true when the pipe is removed and put back on, as wear and tear is increased. Also, most every aftermarket Evo 8/9 Intercooler piping kit on the market will have larger diameter piping, increasing the efficiency of your turbo and intercooler and reducing airflow restriction. Not only are aftermarket intercooler piping kits for the Evolution a stronger solution over factory piping, a complete kit will increase power and be another good foundationary upgrade when future mods are added, such as a larger turbocharger.

There are a lot of choices for aftermarket intercooler piping kits for your Evo, but the Short Route Piping kit from ETS fits most peoples budgets, costing under $500 and including all hardware and couplers required for installation. Best of all, it fits the factory intercooler and most aftermarket intercoolers with minimal or no other modifications needed.

Evolution 8/9 Downpipe from MAPerformance

Last but not least, every Evo 8/9 owner should upgrade their exhaust at some point. While tips for finding the best Evo 8/9 catback exhaust would provide enough content to fill a book, thats a discussion best saved for another day. Unfortunately, most catbacks don't fit into our sub-$1000 budget, so we'll toss that idea out the window. However, there are still exhaust options that fit our criteria while also adding a decent amount of power on both stock and modded Evolution 8/9's. May I present to you: MAPerformance's 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe.

An aftermarket downpipe wil help improve exhaust flow as it leaves the turbo, which in turn helps the turbocharger breathe better. Just like most other Evo 8/9 downpipes, the MAPerformance Evo 8/9 Downpipe is built from larger diameter piping. By increasing the pipe diamter, you're removing exhaust gas restrictions and the turbocharer can spool up faster, leading to more power and in some cases better fuel economy. However, unlike other downpipes on the markey, it is made from true 304sus, so it will not only outperform the competition, but also outlast due to 304's ability to prevent corrosion. You'll also be able to reuse your OEM Spring bolts and the included gaskets and bolts for quick and easy installation, something all modders on a budget can appreciate.

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