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Dyno Day Checklist! How to prepare for the Dyno!

dyno day checklist

Getting Ready for the Rollers with the MAP Dyno Day Checklist

car on dynamometer

Getting on the dynamometer can be intimidating. You invest a ton of money and time into your car to make it the best it can be, and the dyno is the best way to test just how good it is. For some, the dyno is the ultimate test in performance, efficiency, and durability of the build. For others, the dyno is simply about making more power than your friends and earning bragging rights. Whatever your reason for jumping on the rollers, it's important to be prepared and ready to handle any issues that may arise.

This guide applies to both chassis dynamometer's and engine dynamometer's, but we feel it's in your best interest to complete this checklist during a thorough inspection no matter which one your using before you arrive at the location of your scheduled dyno session. Failure to do so will typically result in extra fee's if problems arise and the dyno operator has to do the work themselves. Most of these checks such as a Boost Leak Test are simple, but one step is no less important than the other.

Pay close attention to detail when checking items off this list. You'll save money in the long run, as repairing these items on the dyno will lead to extra costs both on the dyno and on the road. Some dyno centers will even cancel the remainder of your appointment without refund while you fix any issues, then require a re-scheduled appointment to continue tuning.

car dynamometer

You should expect to know small details about the car and the build, especially for dyno tuning. Tuners will ask some questions to help make their job easier. Be ready to answer questions regarding boost, wastegate spring pressure, fuel type, and injector size.

Click to download the Dyno Checklist!

If you have any questions about any of these steps on the list, feel free to contact us! We can happily explain why it's important and in most cases, how to fix it if something seems wonky. Chances are, if you have any doubts about a part holding up on the dyno, it's a good idea to replace it!

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