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    2010-2014 MK6 GTI Performance Parts

    The Volkswagen GTI has a long, honored history as a high performance machine. The MK6 GTI is no different, uniting fans of both old and new while bringing even more awesome performance to the table, making it a staple at autocross and road course events all over the globe!

    Whether you're searching for a specific aftermarket MK6 GTI part or browsing for the best MK6 GTI performance parts on the market, you'll find nothing but the best at MAPerformance! From MK6 GTI catback exhaust systems to upgraded VW GTI MK6 air intake systems, our expertise is at your disposal. We have nothing but the best GTI MK6 mods that will improve every aspect of your ride!

    Check out a few of our most popular MK6 GTI parts below, or call us with any questions you have! Our prices wont be beat, so trust in us for your next MK6 GTI upgrades!

    Best MK6 GTI Mods:

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