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600whp Subaru WRX | Crazy Fast WRX Might be Possessed......

Erik Blume  septiembre 18 2019

Making 666whp is no laughing matter for this Bugeye Subaru WRX

Local Subaru performance Specialist NF Performance has built themselves quite the machine. This devils brew 2002 Bugeye WRX made an astounding 666whp on the MAPerformance dynojet. The craziest thing about it is that it may have some power left on the table, as the car was experiencing a bit of spark plug blow-out. Who wants to guess how much power this thing really makes? The car is built with many parts available from MAPerformance! A 2.5L EJ25 was rebuilt using CP Pistons, Manley rods, and ACL Bearings before being swapped in place of the factory 2.0L. The head saw some work as well, as a full GSC makeover allowed for better breathing to maintain the 35psi mark. The drivetrain was assembled using a collage of Subaru performance parts, seeing a 2012 STi 6 speed mated to an 04 STi driveshaft, 04 STi rear axles, and custom Driveshaft Shop front axles.i-kChQZsX-L Check out the full mods list: Engine:
  • OEM 2012 STI 2.5L Case
  • OEM 2012 STI Heads
  • OEM STI Nitrided Crank
  • OEM STI 11mm Oil Pump
  • OEM STI Gasket Set
  • CP 99.75mm 8.2:1 Pistons
  • Manley Turbo Tuff I Beam Rods
  • ACL Rod and Main Bearings
  • ARP Head Studs
  • GSC S1 Camshafts
  • GSC Beehive Springs w/Retainers
  • GSC Valve Seals
  • Torque Solution Motor Mounts
  • Precision 6266 Turbo
  • KillerB EL Header
  • Fobia Fab Modified for FogLight Mount
  • Fobia Fab Fender Exhaust Dump
  • Fobia Fab Oil Sump
  • TurboWerx Exa Pump Mini Oil Scavenge Pump
  • Custom AN Oil Return Lines/Fittings
  • Treadstone FMIC
  • TurboSmart 40mm EWG
  • TurboSmart Race Port BOV
  • TurboSmart FPR 1200
  • EBCS
  • 04 STI Fuel Pump Hanger
  • Walbro 465 Fuel Pump (Hardwired)
  • Boost-A-Pump
  • ID2000cc Injectors
  • IAG Fuel Rails and Lines
  • Treadstone 4" Velocity Stack
  • OEM 2012 STI 6MT
  • OEM 2004 STI Driveshaft
  • OEM STI R180 Rear Diff
  • OEM 2004 STI Front Axles
  • DSS 800HP Rear Axles
  • Anarchy Motive Shift Knob
  • Kartboy Short Shifter
  • Kartboy Front Shifter Bushings
  • Karboy Rear Shifter Bushings
  • Torque Solution Tranny Mount
  • Torque Solution Pitch Stop Mount
  • ACT HD Pressure Plate
  • ACT 4 Puck Unsprung Disk
Peek at some Photo's from Ben Johnson photography: [gallery columns="4" ids="13800,13801,13802,13803"]

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  • Ryan Tash: November 10, 2015

    Also, no, Matt Conklin no need to worry about the power steering on this one

  • Ryan Tash: November 10, 2015

    Shots fired Ben Johnson

  • Matt Conklin: November 10, 2015

    Wonder if this one will burn to the ground also

  • Corey Makanaokalani Mccane: November 10, 2015

    Hey on your guys ecoboost Mustang, I didn’t notice until B4B, you did a turbo swap? What’s it making now? I only remember the post about the stage 1 package.

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