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2015+ WRX 93 Octane Tunes are ready! Get Yours Today!

Erik Blume  septiembre 18 2019

Have a Cobb Accessport? Then you NEED to pick up the MAP 93 Octane 2015+ WRX Tune!

At MAPerformance, we believe in excellence. Whether it comes in the form of a built FA20DIT pushing 650awhp, or a bolted-on, mildly tuned 2015+ WRX. If you're not getting the most out of your Subaru, you're missing out on tons of fun and an overall more enjoyable driving experience. While we cant force you to make the mods that'll get you to either level, we can certainly recommend them based on our experiences.

2015 wrx tunes

But no matter which form of excellence you're striving for - the high HP version or the daily driver version, there are two common denominators: the COBB Tuning Accessport. From the factory, the 2015+ WRX ECU Tune is very conservative. Unfortunately, this conservative tune makes the car seem dull and boring. While serviceable as a strict daily driver, its simply not acceptable for car guys for anything more than a few hours of driving. This is where the COBB Tuning AccessPort comes into play.

COBB offers a few OTS 2015+ Subaru ECU Tunes which are a step above the factory tune, but this flash will only add 15whp/~1wtq...and this likely wont sate the appetite of owners who want more. This is where MAPerformance comes into the picture with our custom 91 and 93 octane 2015+ WRX ECU Tunes. The 91 octane tune will add quite a few more horses and torque, as well as open up the car for some serious drive-ability enhancements that make the car feel much smoother.

For customers with access to 93 octane, we now offer a 2015+ Subaru WRX 93 octane tune, so you can get even more out of your 2015 WRX. This tune will give you car a mind-blowing 268whp/295wtq with factory hardware. Even more power is to be expected with aftermarket mods! The feedback we've gotten from satisfied customers affirms our hopes - this is the best 2015 WRX mod for the money! Not only do you get more horsepower and torque, but you also get improved driveabilty, more efficiency from your turbo, and a happier overall disposition. The only drawback is you may go through tires quicker, but that's not our fault!

If you have any questions regarding either the 91 or 93 octane 2015 WRX tunes, feel free to contact with all your questions. He's happy to go over any questions you have regarding these tunes, as well as other 2015+ WRX and STI power mods!

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  • Sunny Jassal : July 31, 2018

    do you guys offer a 99 octane tune? I have the Cobb access port, and a mishimoto intake

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