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Turn up the boost, but not without a Fiesta ST BOV Block Off Plate!

Erik Blume  septiembre 17 2019

Why do you need a 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST BOV Block off Plate?

When you're cruising down the road or mashing on the gas pedal, your Fiesta ST BOV is closed, keeping the charged air inside the turbo system. But when you let your foot off the gas, the BOV opens, releasing charged air back before the turbocharger where it can be recycled by the turbocharger. Now imagine you've installed a few other power adding mods. The extra stress this puts on the factory blow off valve can cause it to deform, malfunction, and become the cause for quite a few headaches. This is where a Fiesta ST BOV Block off plate comes in play.

Typically, most modders will replace the weak factory blow off valve before making any other modifications. This is especially true for the Fiesta ST, but unlike other cars, the BOV is located in a terrible place. Pop your hood and you'll find the BOV is mounted to the compressor housing, and replacing this BOV is simply not an option. However, with an MAPerformance Fiesta ST BOV block off plate, you can run an upgraded BOV elsewhere in the charge system.

The MAP Fiesta ST BOV Block Off Plate is made from 6061-T3 aluminum, and will withstand any abuse you throw its way. We toss in three stainless steel mounting screws and rubber seals to ensure boost leaks are not a problem. On top of that, our top notch customer service can answer any questions you have about the MAPerformance Fiesta ST BOV BOP, so feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email with your questions!

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