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If you see wheels as an essential element in being track-competitive, those from Titan-7 might be for you. The Titan-7 wheels we offer here at MAPerformance do look good but the emphasis is on performance. As the enthusiasts at Titan-7 like to say, their wheels offer the “perfect blend of strength, lightness, durability…” and as car guys ourselves, we concur.

Titan-7 is a young company formed by seasoned automotive aftermarket professionals. They figured there was an opportunity to produce a better motorsports wheel, and that led to their S5 and R10 products. The S5 is a split five-spoke design while the R10 is a 10 spoke wheel. Both are available in either black or a satin titanium finish.

These wheels are forged from 6061 aluminum with 10,000 tons of pressure rather than cast from a lower grade alloy like most wheels. That prevents strength-reducing porosity and improves grain structure, two things that appeal to our inner nerd. It also helps drive out weight which, as you probably already know, is a big deal because we’re talking about un-sprung mass.

For complete control over quality Titan-7 do everything in-house, from finite element analysis (FEA) to heat treatment and testing. The end product features a gear-cut knurled bead seat and exceptional stiffness. The tires won’t slip on the rims, (unless you’re making some truly serious torque,) and you’ll get a contact patch you can depend on, which is essential when you’re racing at 10/10ths!

Some wheels look good but won’t do anything for how your car drives. Titan-7 wheels on the other hand are designed with performance foremost; it’s just a bonus that they look smart too! A point to note though is that wheels must be matched to your car. When choosing new Titan wheels on our website, please call or email to discuss your ideas with us. As automotive enthusiasts like you we’re always happy to talk cars. We may even take the opportunity to remind you that we offer free shipping and insurance on orders over $199!