Modern Automotive Performance
Modern Automotive Performance

Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs are considered the second best modification one can make to their car, next to coilovers. While coilovers are a great performance option, lowering springs offer increased handling performance and an aggressive stance, all the while saving you money over coils.

Benefits of Lowering Springs

A lowered car offers better aerodynamics since there is less air going underneath. This creates less wind drag on a car, which can increase fuel mileage in some cases. Secondly, improved traction and handling is experienced. Having a vehicle low to the ground can increase tire grip. Also, lowering springs reduce the risk of rollovers. Typically, the higher a vehicle sits, the easier it is to tip over. Lastly, additional suspension stiffness is a perk that some drivers mention after lowering their car.

Find your Lowering Spring below!

MAPerformance has a large selection of lowering springs from some of the most well known spring manufacturers in the automotive performance aftermarket. Chose from companies like Eibach, H&R, Tokico, Tein, Cobb, Tanabe, Swift, Skunk2, Megan Racing, and MANY more.