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Gaskets & Seals

Subaru OEM Blow Off Valve Flange Gasket | Multiple Fitments (21896AA072)


Subaru OEM Gasket and Seal Kit | 2013-2020 BRZ/FR-S/86 (10105AB550)

$189.02 $207.93
You Save 9% ($ 18.91)

Subaru OEM Gasket Set | Multiple Subaru Fitments


Subaru OEM Gasket and Seal Kit | Multiple Subaru WRX & STI Fitments (10105AB200)


Subaru Exhaust Manifold Gasket | Multiple Fitments (14038AA000)


Subaru OEM Engine Gasket & Seal Kit | Multiple Subaru Fitments (10105AB820)


Subaru OEM Downpipe to Center Pipe Exhaust Gasket | Multiple Subaru Fitments (44011FE000)


Subaru OEM Head Gasket | Multiple Fitments (11044AA483)

$42.53 $46.78
You Save 9% ($ 4.25)

Subaru OEM Crankcase O-Ring | Multiple Subaru Fitments (806932030)

$3.54 $3.90
You Save 9% ($ 0.36)

Subaru OEM Spark Plug Well Gasket | Multiple Fitments (13293AA051)

$8.48 $9.32
You Save 9% ($ 0.84)

Subaru OEM Differential Gasket R180 | 2004-2014 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (38353AA050)


Subaru OEM Turbo Exhaust Crossover Drivers Side Gasket | Multiple Subaru Fitments (44022AA160)


From burgers and fries to a nice shirt and tie, everyone loves when things fit together perfectly. But as tightly as manufacturers machine the intake manifolds, cylinders, exhausts and other performance parts that you love, the natural vibrations and forces of all those moving parts make an exact fit rare. The myriad amount of gaskets on your car may seem impossible to keep track of, but each one plays an important role in plugging those gaps and sealing surfaces. MAP’s inventory of car gaskets and seals are designed to make these perfect pairings and prevent fluid, gas and fume leaks from robbing performance and destroying your engine.

No matter what engine part you can think of, we have a gasket for it, with packages for Mitsubishis, Subaru’s, Hondas and numerous other car makes. Your engine will keep performing efficiently with an Evo 9 intake manifold gasket to retain air during combustion and regulate temperature. A good head gasket will keep those combustion gases out of your cooling system – because everyone knows fire and ice don’t mix. Exhaust manifold gaskets prevent dangerous fumes from seeping into the cockpit, and we also have special exhaust manifold to turbo gaskets for forced induction systems. And then there’s our camshaft gaskets, water pump gaskets, throttle body gaskets, front cover gaskets…basically, if they made gaskets for cup holders, we would have them.

We also have a number of main seals and flange kits for use during installations, along with gasket sealant for plugging really small gaps in turbo engines. You can even find special thermal intake manifold gaskets that reduce heat transfer for lower intake temperatures. If you’re doing an engine rebuild or swap, order a Mitsubishi master gasket set or Subaru gasket and seal kit, with more than 160 essential gaskets and seals so you’ll never wonder if you missed something. The gasket-heads in our shop are happy to assist you with questions by phone or email, and our great prices with same-day shipping are just one more perfect pair in your quest for elite performance.

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