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Full Throttle Speed

If you want to equip your project car with a MAF sensor translator, Full Throttle Speed components from Modern Automotive Performance will help you equip your Mitsubishi with this handy tool.

Since 2006, we’ve helped racing enthusiasts crack the code on their cars in order to unlock hidden performance boosts. Most cars come off the line loaded with limits and barriers that block casual drivers from enjoying its full capabilities. But our mechanics have a nose for tweaks and workarounds that help drivers reclaim all that power.

One way to do that is through adjustments to the mass air flow sensor. Preprogrammed for emission standards, these sensors are just fine for normal roads, where the speed limit never gets higher than 80 mph. But on a competitive race track, those limits can keep you from winning, much less competing.

Full Throttle Speed’s MAF translator is called “horsepower in a box” for good reason. Without the use of a full engine management system, it allows a later model MAF sensor to the stock signal of older model Mitsubishis, including first- and second-generation Eclipse and Talon or Evo 8/9 models. It also gives you the ability to adapt into a blow-through unit, which lets you vent the blow-off valve into the. You can control the air-fuel ratio and equip for larger fuel injectors. All those abilities let you release horsepower locked behind steel doors.

Full Throttle Speed also makes wiring harnesses specifically for your needs, as well as boost solenoids and boost control harnesses.

We’re your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance, so contact us and tell us about your project. We’ll point you to Full Throttle Speed sensors and wiring components that will give you competitive edge at the track. Let us help you bring your automotive dreams into reality.

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