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Evo X Swaybars & Endlinks

What Are Swaybars?

Sway Bars are an essential component when it comes to suspension geometry and steering performance. Any car driven on the track will benefit from a sway bar upgrade, whether or not it came from the factory with or without one.

Swaybars, commonly referred to as anti-roll bars or anti-sway bars, are solid pieces of tubular steel or aluminum that link two opposing independant suspension components together. They help reduce body roll by keeping both tires evenly and firmly planted to the pavement. Benefits include firm steering response, tighter cornering, and improved tire life.

Do I Need a Swaybar?

If you drive your car on the road course or participate in spirited driving on the street, then you will benefit greatly from an upgraded swaybar. Some vehicles already come equipped with swaybars from the factory, but upgraded swaybars will allow for adjustments in firmness, making them an elite suspension upgrade!

Evo X Swaybar

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