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EGR Deletes & Block Off Plates

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If you’re on this page, you’re our kind of customer. Like you, our mechanics have decades of collective experience looking at a car fresh off the lot and wondering how we can make it perform better. Cars are sold with a myriad of systems that rob horsepower gains, and that’s a big deal if you want to race competitively.

One of the ways to realize some power gains is to remove the exhaust gas recirculation unit. Cars usually have them for emissions standards: In a nutshell, they recirculate a little bit of exhaust gases back into the engine in the hopes that gas that didn’t get burned before gets burned a second time.

You can see how that might be an issue for us performance enthusiasts. Seems like our only mission in life is to figure out how to get more fresh air into an engine, whether it’s through more efficient intake and exhaust or through a turbo system.

If you’ve decided that your car’s EGR unit has overstayed its welcome, these block off plates will help you finish the job. Don’t listen to your distant uncle with a degree in redneck engineering, who says any piece of metal will do. Fitment and composition are important qualities in a performance engine, so that’s why we offer quality EGR block off plates from the industry’s best manufacturers such as IAG Performance, GrimmSpeed and Torque Solution. We even craft our own when the market doesn’t have a plate that meets our ridiculously high standards.

If you’re on the fence about whether removing the EGR is a good idea for you, please contact us. It’s not the best option all the time, and we’re happy to help you determine if it’s your best option. We’ve built up a stellar reputation for customer service at Modern Automotive Performance, and we can’t wait to put that to work for you.

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