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  • Redline Shockproof Gear Oil : Heavy - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Redline Shockproof Gear Oil : Heavy - Modern Automotive Performance
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    Redline Shockproof Gear Oil : Heavy | (58204)

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    Redline Shockproof Gear Oil : Heavy - Modern Automotive Performance

    A unique lubricant containing a suspension of solid microscopic particles as an extreme pressure agent--unique solid dispersion which cushions gear teeth to help prevent tooth breakage and allows the use of lower viscosities. Recommended for heavily-loaded racing differentials and transmissions, Off Road racing and problem gearboxes. The viscosity characteristics allow the lubricant to resist throwoff and provide a film thickness similar to a 75W250 grade, while providing the same low fluid friction as an SAE 75W90.

    Sold in individual quarts.


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