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Air Suspension - Air Ride Lowering Kits

Lowering your vehicle offers immense advantages, but sometimes the tradeoffs are steep. Lowering springs are one-size-fits-all options that are simple to install, but they don’t offer many adjustable features. Coilovers offer several adjustable parameters and the potential for lower heights than lowering springs, but those adjustments take some time and elbow grease.

Imagine a race-quality suspension that you raise and lower as simply as power windows. Want to drive to the track without loading up on a trailer? Rise up for clearance over everyday road obstacles. Want to show before the race? Slam down almost to the ground for a lean, aggressive look. Ready to race? Switch to your preferred setup of damping and spring, or change it up based on the track conditions you discover.

You’ll experience all those benefits with an air suspension system. This is the gold standard of performance suspension systems. They are perfect for serious drivers who want top-of-the-line, professional-level suspension and handling — they offer nearly infinite damping and height adjustability.

We spend a lot of time working with these systems, and we’ve discovered firsthand that they are not all created equally. That’s why we don’t waste time or warehouse space with subpar systems that don’t deliver quality or durability. Drivers who are ready to invest in this upgrade will find quality systems by manufacturers such as Air Lift, KSport, and ISC Suspension, made with materials that are built to last, and that comes with everything needed for installation.

Our mission is to help automotive dreams become reality, and the ability to adjust the suspension on the fly, at the touch of a few buttons, is one of the biggest dreams drivers have. Our staff will help answer questions about this next-level upgrade and whether it’s right for your vehicle. And, like everything else we offer, we’ll keep costs low and shipping even lower.

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