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  • Cobb Tuning SF Air Intake (Subaru WRX / STi / LGT 08+) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Cobb Tuning SF Air Intake (Subaru WRX / STi / LGT 08+) - Modern Automotive Performance
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    Cobb Tuning SF Air Intake | 08+ Subaru WRX/STi/LGT (715100BL)

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    Cobb Tuning SF Air Intake (Subaru WRX / STi / LGT 08+) - Modern Automotive Performance


    The C.A.R.B certied COBB Tuning SF Intake is the result of intelligent engineering and innovative design. The body of the intake is constructed from a single piece of high-temperature, injection-molded plastic composite. This saves weight over metal designs and oers better heat rejection properties to prevent under-hood temperatures from transferring to the air owing through the intake.

    The SF Intake system includes unique features to maintain optimal ow for performance, while minimizing turbulence that causes engine management inconsistency. The air path starts at a custom, conical cloth air-lter element leading to a CFD-designed velocity stack that smoothly guides air to a unique air ow straightener grid. This grid is designed to control the incoming air ow as it passes the Mass Air Flow sensor for precise and consistent readings at all velocities, giving the ECU the accurate air metering data it needs to properly calculate ignition and fuel requirements.

    Tuning Included

    Most aftermarket intakes for the 08+ STI and WRX require tuning to recalibrate the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor for accurate air metering. COBB Tuning has done this work for you and oers AccessPORT calibrations for the SF Intake for worry free operation and improved performance. These Stage1 and Stage2 calibrations are specic to model and year of the vehicle as well as to fuel grade and additional supporting modications. SF Intake maps are available for download from the Subaru AccessPORT Map Database for the 08-11 STI, 08-11 WRX and 09 Impreza 2.5GT.

    Optional Air Box

    Keep your intake temperatures as cool as possible and your SF Intake air lter dry and clean with the addition of our SF Intake Air Box kit. This optional Air Box kit occupies the location of the OEM lter box assembly and uses the factory air inlet, essentially creating a cold air intake. This keeps hot engine air away from the intake, a problem that non-shielded short ram intakes suer from, while preventing water ingestion and lter contamination issues that plague typical cold air intake systems. The SF Intake and Air Box is the best of both worlds.

    OEM Fitment

    The COBB Tuning SF Intake and Air Box take the place of the OEM intake assembly and use factory mounting points for an OEM-like t. The SF Intake and Air Box are easy to install, requiring no custom mounting, cutting or other alteration of your engine bay. The SF intake can be installed in under an hour with basic hand tools.