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Air Intake Kits

Perrin Cold Air Intake System | 2015-2019 Subaru WRX (PSP-INT-325)

$344.70 $383.00
You Save 10% ($ 38.30)

Perrin Short Ram Intake | 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza WRX/STI (PSP-INT-201)

$209.70 $233.00
You Save 10% ($ 23.30)

Perrin Cold Air Intake | 2013-2016 BRZ/FR-S (PSP-INT-330)

$331.20 $368.00
You Save 10% ($ 36.80)

Perrin Cold Air Intake | 08-14 Subaru WRX / 08-15 STI (PSP-INT-322)

$299.70 $333.00
You Save 10% ($ 33.30)

Perrin Cold Air Intake System | 2002-2007 Subaru WRX/STI (PSP-INT-301)

$349.20 $388.00
You Save 10% ($ 38.80)

Perrin Performance R56 Cold Air Intake System | 2007-2013 MINI Cooper S (AMP-INT-401)

$288.00 $320.00
You Save 10% ($ 32.00)

Perrin Performance R53 Cold Air Intake System - Manual | 2002-2008 MINI Cooper S (AMP-INT-201)

$297.00 $330.00
You Save 10% ($ 33.00)

Perrin Cold Air Intake | 2016-2017 Subaru STI (PSP-INT-323)

$299.70 $333.00
You Save 10% ($ 33.30)

Perrin Cold Air Intake | 2017-2019 BRZ/86 Manual (PSP-INT-333)

$331.20 $368.00
You Save 10% ($ 36.80)

Perrin Performance R53 Cold Air Intake System - Automatic | 2002-2008 MINI Cooper S (AMP-INT-300)

$202.50 $225.00
You Save 10% ($ 22.50)

Perrin Cold Air Intake | 2017-2019 BRZ/86 Automatic (PSP-INT-334)

$331.20 $368.00
You Save 10% ($ 36.80)

If you don’t trust science, then trust your lungs. Think about the last time you took a deep breath, and the air that you breathed in filled you with energy and vigor — so much so that you inhaled deeply several more times. We bet you that wherever you were when you took those wonderful draughts of air, the weather was cool.

This is true in the humid Southern states and arid Southwestern states: Hot air doesn’t feel as good to breathe. There are a lot of reasons for that, but one of them affects your project car: Cooler air has a higher density, which means it has more oxygen in it. Your performance engine can make good use of that cooler air with a cold air intake.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve been working with air intake systems for years on a myriad of different makes and models, including Mitsubishi Evo, Ford Mustang, Subaru WRX and more. We’ve seen firsthand how the right kit can help your engine rev better and add horsepower. If you’re ready to see for yourself, we carry a variety of kits made by names such as GReddy, Neuspeed, Cobb Tuning and even some of our own, homemade MAPerformance kits.

Contact us today, and our staff of expert mechanics will tell you exactly how a new air intake system can help your performance, whether you’re wanting to zip around town a little more quickly or take on other drivers at the track. We’ll help you with questions about what is street legal, how to install it and how to manage the results you see. And with our excellent shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program, you’ll pocket extra money for your next project.

Let Modern Automotive Performance help you increase your car’s performance with a new air intake system. It will be the breath of fresh air your car is craving.

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