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Recaro Seats

Good Seating is Essential

At MAP we're excited to offer Recaro aftermarket seats. Possibly the best known name in automotive seating, after more than 50 years in the business you can be sure they know what they're doing.

Today Recaro build an entire range of motorsports seats. For road cars there's what we call the tuning seat range that provides a mix of luxury, style and support. And recognizing that humans weren't designed to spend hours sat down, they also engineer special ergonomic seats that help prevent back pain. You can even buy a Recaro booster seat to keep your tots safe!

When you're studying the Recaro seats here on the MAP website don't overlook mounting hardware and accessories. Recaro make what you need for a complete installation and we sell it, so be sure to look at seating and accessories.

Recaro Racing Seats

Recaro motorsports seats keep you secure on the racetrack and help shave seconds from your laps. A spine-shaped “S” shell supports your back and bolsters hold you in place so you can focus on hitting apexes. They're also lightweight and come upholstered in a range of materials and colors.

Weekend racers often like the FIA-certified Pole Position seats that are designed for 4, 5 or 6 point harnesses. Then there's the fiberglass shell Profi SPG and the carbon-kevlar Profi SPA.

As the competition heats up drivers expect even more from their motorsports seats, hence the Pro Racer SPG and P1300 GT seats. Developed to work with head and neck safety systems, these have flame-retardant upholstery and aggressive bolstering for thighs and torso.

Tuning Seats

Maybe the original seats in your car are sagging and uncomfortable. Maybe they're worn, or perhaps it's time to upgrade to seats that deliver more comfort, style and support. Whatever your motivation, there's a Recaro car seat for you.

The Recaro range goes from the luxury-oriented “Expert” to the race-style Sportster. In between you've got the Specialist, Speed and Sport seats that deliver a mix of comfort and increasing levels of side support.

Available in various shades of leather as well as cloth and vinyl, Recaro's Expert adds style and prestige to your sedan, along with impressive levels of comfort. Specialist seats have back bolsters that help hold you in place and come with the same upholstery options as the Expert.

With their integrated headrest and seatbelt pass-throughs, the Speed seats look more sporting, something enhanced by the deep buckets and pronounced bolsters. Speed V and Sport seats take this look further and are available in a number of colors.

Then there are the Sportster seats. A thin shell keeps weight down while providing ample back and lateral support. Whether upholstered in leather, Alcantara or cloth, these serve up generous measures of performance style and make your car look track-ready.

Ergonomic Seating

If you suffer with back problems comfort takes priority over performance and style. The Recaro Ergomed ES seat offers exceptional spine support and is approved by the AGR (the German Campaign for Healthier Backs.)

Available in black leather or leather and Artista, this seats incorporates adjustable lumbar support plus heating and cooling and a wide range of adjustments. Back pain suffers need look no further!

Consult the Specialists

We're automotive enthusiasts at MAPerformance and we love sharing our passion. If you're not sure which Recaro car seat would be right for you, get in touch. We'll be happy to discuss your options. And don't forget, with free shipping and insurance on orders over $199, we make it easy to buy what you need

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