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After putting in hours of time and tons of money to make your favorite vehicle run fast, you want it to look good too. But styles and tastes change, and what catches people’s eyes now may be a turn-off six months from now. While we can’t help you make those parachute pants or bowling shirts look cool again, using Plasti Dip is an inexpensive way to help your car keep up with the times. Plasti Dip has been making unique protective rubber coating sprays since 1972 that allow you to add cool colors and themes to your vehicle – then peel them all away and begin again. With a few cans of Plasti Dip automotive coating in your garage, it won’t take long to make your car look the way you want.

Plasti Dip rubber coating is incredibly easy to use – just thoroughly clean the surface you want to apply it to, then gradually spray on coats until the surface is completely covered. This flexible coating provides protection against moisture, abrasions and corrosion, and has a textured feel that adds grip and character. It holds up in temperatures from -30 to 200 degrees, so any surface of your car outside the engine bay is the perfect canvas. If you overspray or decide you want a different look, Plasti Dip automotive spray can be peeled, sanded or pressure washed off of surfaces without leaving damage or residue.

We have more than a dozen different colors of Plasti Dip in stock for vehicle customization, including black, red, white, purple and camo brown. With this incredible product, you can black out grilles and emblems for an intimidating stealth look, color window and interior trim, give your rear spoiler a contrasting look or even coat your tool handles for improved grip. We also carry Plasti Dip Metalizer and Glossifier enhancers to give your coated surface a metallic or polished shine. If you need other ideas or have questions on how to use this product, call or email our expert technicians. With Plasti Dip spray coating, you can always have the best-looking car in the pack.

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