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Turbochargers are like barbecue grills — they are available in a wide variety of configurations and shapes for a myriad of applications. In the grilling world, some swear by charcoal and others by propane, for instance. The same principle applies to turbochargers: They come in a variety of different configurations and have varied methods of delivering extra air into your engine. And, like everything else, some brands are better than others.

BorgWarner is a brand that has always impressed us with its quality, no matter the configuration. We’ve worked with plenty of turbochargers at Modern Automotive Performance. We’ve inspected the product quality firsthand during installation and seen how they perform in our favorite cars on the track in racing environments. BorgWarner has a reputation for quality that is hard to beat, and we’re proud to offer its line of turbochargers in our Turbo Superstore.

If you’re in the market for a turbocharger, BorgWarner’s boost levels and configurations have a lot to offer. Some turbos are made for people looking for a boost for daily driving situations, others are made to be dragons breathing hot fire for races at the track. At Modern Automotive Performance, we offer big-time discounts on turbos and their components — combined with our shipping deals, you’ll have money left over for your next project.

Our staff of gearheads and greasemonkeys is ready and waiting to be your pit crew. The first step: Determine your turbo size with the calculator on our Turbo Superstore. Then think about how you’d like to use turbo in your engine. That will give you an idea of what you need. Contact us on the phone or via email, tell us your driving goals and what kind of power you’re looking for and we’ll steer you in the right direction. We love talking with performance drivers and hearing what they want to do with their cars, and we can’t wait to answer your pickiest questions.

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