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2010 Camaro Turbo Kit Installation Guide - part 4

Posted on 12 May 2014

Last time we installed the intercooler, fluid reservoirs, manifold, and cross-pipe for our 2010 Camaro Turbo kit installation guide. In this episode, we're going to install the turbo, set up the lubrication, and install the rest of the charge piping!

2010 Camaro Turbo Kit Install:

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Part 3 | Part 4

We're more than halfway done with the installation of the MAP 2010 Camaro Turbo kit, and it's time for the final push to get this baby on the road. Get your tools out, it's time to get started! We're going to start by installing the turbo on the manifold. To do so, you're going to want to install the two studs on the outer part of the manifold (drivers side) and the bolts on the inner side of the manifold. Remember to apply anti-seize to prevent the heat from welding the bolts to the flange. Before you put the turbo in, install the supplied feed and return fitting using thread sealant and gaskets where applicable. Remember to loosen the housing bolts on the wastegate (13mm) and turbine (10mm) side so you can set the correct orientation of the turbo. Once you've done this, you may set the turbo in the engine bay. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery columns="4" ids="643,644,645,647,646,651,652,653"] Find the gasket and fasten the turbo to the manifold. Rotate the center section so the oil feed is at the top. Tighten the turbine housing bolts. Leave the compressor housing bolts loose for now. Now is a great time to run the oil return and oil feed hoses. This process is pretty cut and dry, but try and keep the feed lines away from the manifold. Apply enough pressure to the fittings to tighten them, but dont go too tight. Remember to use thread sealant on all fittings so they don't leak. Now, install the downpipe and External Wastegate. Attach the Turbosmart wastegate to the downpipe using the v-band clamp, but leave loose. Use the v-band clamp to attach the dump housing, and align the wastegate flange. Tighten the clamp around the downpipe flange slowly and carefully to make sure the wastegate stays lined up. Lift the car and install the provided exhaust pipe and find those O2 sensors you removed back on part 1. Please note, 2010 Camaro Turbo kits for automatic cars will need to cut their stock exhaust piping in order to clamp the MAP kit's downpipe. If you have purchased the 2010 Camaro Turbo kit and have a manual transmission, no modifications are required. If you have the L99 automatic Camaro SS, please refer to the images for where you will need to cut. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery ids="663,662,628,629,630"] Now you may install your lower intercooler pipes. This pipe runs behind the bumper and into the engine bay. Again, this takes some finagling to get right, but once it's in it's well worth the effort. Use the supplied clamps and couplers and attach to the intercooler and turbo. Once you have the orientation figured out, you may tighten the turbine housing bolts and clamps. Now you will want to install the air filter and intake tube. Route the tube through the engine bay and use the coupler to attach it to the turbo inlet. Using the supplied filter and filter sock, attach it to the end of the intake tube. After this point, you may re-install the front bumper. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery columns="4" ids="665,666,669,668"] We're almost done! Thoroughly inspect all the bolts and clamps you've messed with between the fuel tank and front-mount intercooler.  Verify the oil feed and return lines are connected. Verify the subframe has been torqued and all fluid and PCV lines are conneted. Once you've checked everything, it's time to replace the fluid you drained. Make sure you use GM certified Dex-Cool coolant and 5W-30 oil. Pick your favorite windshield washer fluid and refill the reserve tank. You'll need to reconnect your battery. If everything works, it's time to employ the work of your favorite tuner as you'll need to scale the injectors in the ECM before starting the car. For more information or help with tuning your 2010+ Camaro after installing our turbo kit, please contact our tuner Jordan. Once you have the injectors scaled, the car tuned, and any aftermarket gauges installed, it's time to hit the alignment rack. Alignments are highly suggested after you've messed around with the subframe, so make sure that's taken care of before you drive too much. Enjoy your turbo kit and sleeper-status Camaro SS

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