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2010 Camaro Turbo Kit Installation Guide - part 3

Posted on 12 May 2014

We're done with the dirty work on our 2010 Camaro Turbo Installation, and now it's time to install the charge piping, hot-side pipes, and turbo manifold. We're almost ready for boost!

2010 Camaro Turbo Kit Install:

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Part 2Part 4

In part 2 of the installation guide, we finished off the oil fittings on the Camaro oil pan and cooler units. We also installed the larger fuel pump and high flow injectors. Needless to say, with that stuff done, we've completed the dirty work and are now ready to carry onto more fun, shiny 2010 Camaro Turbo parts. Read on to learn more! First things first, lets get our 2010 Camaro turbo manifold shielded with the heat wrap. The kit includes two total rolls of DEI heat wrap, one roll of 1-1/2" wrap for the runners and 2-1/2" wrap for the collector. Soak the wrap in water and follow the supplied instructions for applying the wrap. Remember to stretch it tight when you put it on the manifold, as it will shrink as it dries. When you've got the manifold wrapped, set it aside and let it dry. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery columns="2" ids="611,559"] While the manifold is drying, it's time to remove the Camaro's front bumper. Lower the car and you will find four 10mm body clips located under the hood that need to be removed. Raise the car back up and remove the fender underliner on each side of the car by taking off the 4 T20 bolts where they attach to the bumper. Then remove the 10mm bolts from underneath the fender that attach to the quarter panel. Finally, there are 4 body clips attaching to the front valence. Those need to come out. Have a friend help you remove the bumper and set it aside for now. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery columns="5" ids="576,578,579,580,582,583,584,585,586"] With the bumper off, remove the crash bar by taking off the six 13mm bolts. Now you will want to install your FMIC by utilizing the two bolt holes on the hood release. Remember to line up the bottom pegs otherwise it wont sit right. Reinstall your crash bar with an impact, but leave the bumper off for now. Lower the car. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery columns="4" ids="588,595,597,598"] Now lets install the catch can, coolant overflow bottles, and washer fluid reserves. Start by draining the washer fluid by removing the feed hose and pump assembly. Loosen the three 13mm bolts to remove the tank. Remove the coolant overflow tank by taking out the two 13mm bolts. Now, with the tanks removed, you may begin installing the upper intercooler pipe. Start by removing the fan shroud. There are two bolts that need to be removed before the shroud can come loose. Next, remove the ECM bracket and set the ECM aside. Route the UICP through the passenger side through the engine bay where the coolant tank used to be. It'll take some creativity and convincing language, but should fit snugly. Use the supplied clamps and couplers, and tighten the pipe. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery columns="4" ids="599,600,601,602,603,605,606,607,615,616,617"] From there, you may install your Camaro blow-off-valve and MAF following the supplied instructions. Reinstall the ECM bracket and fan shroud, but leave the passenger side shroud nut out. Cut the top off the factory wiper fluid reserve and using the supplied black hose, attach to you new tank. Use a center punch to mark the location on the radiator support, and drill two holes. Use the supplied hardware to mount. Using the passenger side fan shroud bolt location, mount your coolant reserve / catch can combination. Finally, run the hose to the coolant can and re-install your washer fluid pump assembly on the new unit. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery columns="4" ids="609,610,613,619,620,621,623,624,625,627,626,618"] Now you're going to relocate the battery power terminal. Use a spot weld removal bit and drill out the factory mount brackets. Grind smooth the area around the welds after you've drilled them, and remember to paint /  prime the location to prevent rust. Using a vice grip, bend the 90* end into a straight section (see picture) so you can mount it on the frame-rail. Cut the supplied heat shield / tube in half and install on battery cable, secure it with metal zip ties. This cable will be very close to the new manifold and we don't want it to melt and short out the car. Using self tapping screws, mount the new post on the frame-rail. Use electrical tape to wrap the end of the terminal to reduce the amount of exposed hot-wire. Using supplied hardware, attach the battery cable to the new post. Use the supplied cap to cover the end of the post. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery columns="4" ids="654,655,656,657,658,659,660"] Your heat wrap should almost be done drying by now, but it's time to finish off a few minor details. First, use the remaining piece of heat shielding tube on the oil return line. Use metal zip ties to secure it. Now is also a good time to run the hose to the catch can. Refer to the image to see how that is done. 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery ids="672"] When you've gotten this far, your wrap should be dry. Install the new turbo manifold, making sure to use a new gasket and the supplied hardware. Leave the bolts halfway in until you get the cross-pipe installed to ensure everything fits nicely. Remember to plug in the temperature sensor now, as it will be hard to do so with the turbo on. Lift the Camaro and install the cross-pipe using a new gasket on the passenger side manifold. Again, leave the bolts loose until you've attached the V-Band clamp to the 2010 Camaro turbo manifold. If everything fits, tighten it all up and lower the vehicle again! Once lowered, tape off the exhaust and wastegate flanges! 2010 Camaro Turbo Kit installation photos: [gallery ids="611,631,633,634,635"] That's it for now. Take a break. Have a drink and get ready for more adventure next time!

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