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Preparing for the Track? Get Your Car and Mind Ready!

Posted on 18 April 2016

Track Day Checklist! How To Prepare Your and Your Car for a Track Day

Everyone loves showing off their car, be it at a car meet, drag strip, or the grocery store parking lot. One way we easily do is to take the car to the track and prove it's gusto with a few fast paced laps. While every car is certainly capable of doing this, some factory components just wont cut it on the track.

Read about how to prep for your first track day!

Let's be honest, the race track is unforgiving if you're running low quality or undersized, factory parts. After only a few laps, your brakes will be toast and your brake fluid likely boiling inside the reservoir. You'll also likely find yourself replacing some of the old running material, especially if you haven't replaced it in the past.

But fear not! We've built a list of items you should investigate before committing to a track day. In our years of experience building cars for the track and selling parts to customers who do the same, we've become familiar with what breaks first and the high quality replacements you'll want to use in their place.

From brakes and tires to belts and fluids, we cover what we believe to be the top items worth checking out and replacing before heading to the track. If you have any questions about these, why we chose them, or how to install them let us know! We're happy to help and quick to get back to our amazing customers!

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