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VW Mk6 2.0 GTI MAP OTS Tune Review and Dyno Results

Erik Blume  November 30 2016


MAPerformance is now proud to offer off the shelf 2010-14 VW GTI tuning maps for the COBBTuning Accessports. If you already own a COBB Accessport for your GTI, the MAPerformance custom MK6 GTI Tunes will be a great addition! If not, click here to purchase your own AccessPort!

If you're on the ledge about whether or not an MAPerformance tune is right for you, take a look at our dyno sheet's, we feel they speak for themselves! 

Click for more information!

Long gone are the days of re-flashing and installing a custom MK6 GTI tune for the race environment you're in. No more fussing with tons of cable and laptops trying to find the best MK6 GTI tune for your car. The days of paying for a new, expensive tune with every bolt-on are long gone. The VW MK6 GTI Accessport from COBB Tuning is here with what many tuners are considering the biggest modification to hit the MK6 GTI aftermarket ever!

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  • Mike: March 10, 2017

    How did the stock MK6 GTI clutch hold up with the MAP OTS tune?

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