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IAG Chromoly Transfer Gears | 2004-2017 Subaru STI

Posted on 08 March 2017

Subaru STI Transfer Gear Set

The IAG Chromoly Transfer Gear Set is specifically engineered to strengthen the weak points in the STI 6 speed transmission. When a powerful STI launches aggressively at the track the output shaft progressively twists and weakens. After multiple launches, the output shaft breaks where the driveshaft yoke connects.

2004-2005 STI (IAG-DRV-1000) 

Click for more information on the 1:1 2004-2005 STI Gear Set

IAG’s upgraded transfer gear set is capable of handling these immense loads by improving the gear material and redesigning the parts at the weakest points. The gears are manufactured from chromoly which is known for its improved hardness and strength. The output shaft diameter was increased and the splines were enlarged and lengthened then matched to an upgraded Spicer yoke designed to mate to an aftermarket performance driveshaft.

2006+ STI (IAG-DRV-1010) 

Click for more information on the 2006+ STI Gear Set


  • Much stronger over OEM
  • Chromoly construction 
  • Increased output shaft diameter
  • Tested on Subaru drag vehicles producing 1200 WHP/800 WTQ at 3000+ LBS


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