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Honda Civic X Holiday Buyers Guide

Adam Runnoe  December 07 2018

Top 7 Civic X Parts to Get this Season

 1) Tuning software - Ktuner and Hondata are plug and play hardware and software that is easy to use and includes off the shelf tune options. The tuner will be needed as you add more parts and is a great place to start when modifying your car. Even in stock form a tune can add upwards of 20whp and 60wtq of torque, reduce the “rev hang” between shifts, improve throttle and turbo response, and in many cases even increase fuel mileage. A clear choice for your first modification.

Clutch Masters FX350 Honda Civic Clutch Kit

2) A Clutch and Flywheel - Some people have experienced the factory clutch letting go at stage 1 power levels, so this is a very important upgrade for those of you looking to modify the car. A clutch paired with a lightweight flywheel will be more durable than the factory dual mass, along with lighter weight to improve engine response.  Right now we love the Clutch masters FX350/400 and Lightweight Flywheel combination - A clutch that will hold the power and drive like stock with a great pedal feel.

MAP MAPerformance Honda Civic X Downpipe

3) An Intake - Replace the restrictive factory intake to allow the turbo to take in more air, more air means more power! We tested several air filters and received the best power results with the Green Filter USA high flow air filter along with the large diameter velocity stack.

Our MAP Intake is designed and manufactured at our Minnesota headquarters. Made from durable 304 stainless, a unique design to incorporate factory MAF diameter, along with a larger diameter pre-MAF tube to increase airflow.

4) A Downpipe - Downpipes remove the huge restriction of the factory downpipe and catalytic converter, allowing the turbo to much more efficiently make the power of most stage 2 sets ups. Available with the option to retain the factory heat shield, and the option of a ceramic heat barrier coating to help keep engine bay temps down.

 Honda Civic X PTP Turbo Blanket

5) Turbo Blanket - Turbo blankets help hold in the heat generated by the turbo and help keep underhood IAT (inlet air temps) down. Cooler temps mean more power and this Lava Turbo Blanket by PTP can provide up to 60% under hood heat reduction.

6) Acuity Throttle Pedal Spacer - In our development of the Civic X, we noticed that the throttle pedal is quite a bit lower than the brake pedal. This product fixes that issue and brings the two pedals more in line allowing for a better driving experience and allowing for heel/toe shifting. We definitely recommend picking one up for anyone spending time at the track. Check out our overview and install video here

Honda Civic X Shift Cable Bushing

7) Acuity Shifter Cable Bushing - Another nice addition to the Civic X is updating the shift feel. The stock shifter cable bushing is designed for the masses and a more tame feel. This updated bushing from Acuity uses a custom aluminum spherical bushing as well as integral o-rings to provide a solid smooth shift that every car enthusiast loves.

Thank you for reviewing our top picks for the Honda Civic X platform. Pick these parts up to boost the performance of your Civic X!

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