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Charlie Mayne  August 02 2020

THE EVO X FINALLY GETS A NEW TUNE!!! Since the day I started this Evo project, I've been waiting for this day... More than anything else this car needed a new tune! In Daelen's words, it was like driving the least ambitious Evo ever. The throttle was unresponsive, it dumped too much fuel which caused it to bog down under any sort of spirited driving and honestly couldn't have made much more than 200hp IF THAT.

This was Tiny's first time tuning an Evo so there were some learning curves to overcome, but he got this thing exactly where I wanted it to be for this initial tune for the car! Granted there are still some driveability kinks to work out... Big boys like me like our AC so I need that to work, but I have faith that he'll get it sorted out in due time!

If you're interested in the injectors I installed in this video check out the links below! There's a dropdown option to order these with or without the adapters. But I'd recommend spending the extra couple bucks for the adapters. Saves you a TON of time...
ID1300x w/ Adapters -

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