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Must Have Power Mods | 2015 Subaru WRX Bolt On Guide

Erik Blume  February 22 2016

Take Your WRX to the Next Level With Our Recommended Bolt-Ons

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We get asked all the time through phone calls, emails and YouTube; What are the first things I should do to my 2015 WRX? We get asked this so much we decided to put a video together to go over just a few of the main basic bolt-ons to get the most performance out of your WRX 

We will discuss the top 3 go to mods (with some bonus honorable mentions), you just bought the car, you don’t know where to go first. These are the things we recommend after 6 months around the car. In no particular order:

Cobb Acessport

We all know these cars have an undesirable stock tune and maybe have even seen some of the recalls on the earlier 2015s. This Accessport V3 is going to solve your problem! Its easy to use, plug and play… Just flash the car for better horsepower, gas mileage and drivability. Hands down the best thing we did to the car right after purchase!

Also, if you didn’t already know, we supply you with a custom Stage 1 tune that works on both 91 and 93 octane. That is free if you purchase an Accessport from us!

So now you have the Cobb Accessport and your running our Stage 1 tune, you're happy as a clam! But you're bored… It happens to all of us! The next thing you can do:


Downpipe (J Pipe)

If you didn’t know, its called the J pipe because it looks like a J (duh)! The downpipe will be the first step in exhaust coming off your turbo, then comes the mid pipe. You will get both these pipes in catted or cattless in our downpipe kit.

Everything is made in house, Rath Gibson 304 stainless and a lifetime warranty.


Catback Exhaust

This is our full 3” dual exit catback. Check out sound clips if you aren’t sold on this already! USA made in house from 304 stainless steel as well.


Intercooler (Coming Soon!)

The WRX heat soaks pretty badly so we took it upon ourselves to solve this problem. The factory intercooler is a little too small, it doesn’t flow well and isn’t efficient. We noticed significant power loss with the stock intercooler when we were testing the car. This video is an early sneak peak at our intercooler and charge pipe kit for the 2015 WRX. You can expect our awesome billet end tanks to be a major part of this product!


The MAP intake for the WRX is also 3” and it comes with a velocity stack! It is a little larger than factory so it will require tuning.

These are pretty basic recommendations but we get asked often so we decided to put together a video to answer your questions! Keep in mind that most of the items we talked about in this video are part of our Stage 2 kit so if you are thinking about one of these or even two we recommend looking into our kit! You will see substantial gains over stocks and even Stage 1.

Cobb Tuning Accessport
MAP Catted/Catless Downpipe
MAP Catback Exhaust


MAP Intake System
WRX Stage 2

If you have any questions about this video or these products feel free to let us know.

Call or email to adopt Ian, no tune required!

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  • Tyler Villanueva: July 31, 2018

    What kind of power can one expect with the WRX and the intake, j pipe, cat back, charge pipe, and intercooler?

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