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MAPerformance Evo X Exhaust Manifold Sets Record!

Posted on 16 October 2015

Record Setting Evo X Investment Cast Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold helps set Ralliart record!

When it comes to performance, MAPerformance likes to set the bar high. That's why we're proud as heck to be a part of a record setting build from Kozmic Motorsports. Utilizing our Investment Cast Stainless Steel 4B11T Exhaust Manifold, Kozmic has set the bar high for aspiring Ralliart and Evo X owners alike. 12115505_904614416298219_1734547688879490022_n It seems there are no limits for Eric and the team at Kozmic Motorsports. Two weekends ago, they set out to achieve records with their Mitsubishi Ralliart.  On October 3rd, they broke well into the mid 10's, making them the worlds fastest SST equipped vehicle, but that wasn't enough to close out the race weekend.  They returned to Royal Purple Raceway the very next day to set the benchmark even higher achieving a fastest quarter mile time of 9.782 seconds at 141.58MPH!


Beyond the fact that this car's power is being put to the ground through a SST Transmission, it is also being powered by a stock location (albeit an upgraded, but nonetheless) EVO X turbo supported by our MAPerformance Investment Cast Stainless Manifold for the EVO X! We want to congratulate Eric and Kozmic Motorsports on their success and we look forward to more exciting action from them in the future! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]evox-investment-cast-manifold Click to buy your own Investment Cast Manifold![/caption] Looking to get in the record books yourself? We can help with that, as we offer upgraded stock frame turbos, bolt-ons, Evo X / Ralliart bolt-ons, and of course our now famous 4B11T Investment Cast Exhaust Manifold. Give us a call, or start shopping now!

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