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Ecoboost Mustang Turbo Upgrade Kit | Turn up the Boost!

Posted on 21 July 2015

Build it for boost! Introducing the MAPerformance Mustang Ecoboost Turbo Upgrade Kit!

Ford Mustang. The name and brand is synonymous with performance, durability, and a fun filled driving adventure. When paired with a turbocharger, it's nothing short of an exhilirating ride that will keep you satisfied for years. At least that's what Ford envisioned when developing the 2015 Ecoboost Mustang. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="548"]ecoboost mustang turbo upgrade Click image to purchase your Ecoboost Mustang Turbo Upgrade Kit![/caption] However, if you're like most people, the factory power supply will get a bit tiring after a short amount of time. While there are many bolt ons and accessories to increase power output, those Ecoboost Mustang bolt-ons will only get you so far. It's only a matter of time before you crave more. More is exactly what you'll get with this turbo kit. Through various tests and research, we've built a name around quality Ecoboost Mustang performance parts. Now, we've taken this research and crammed it all into one Ecoboost Mustang turbo kit!
  • MAP Manifold (Turbo Kit Specific)
  • MAP Downpipe (Turbo Kit Specific)
  • MAP 3.5" Intake (Turbo Kit Specific)
  • MAP Passenger side hot pipe (Turbo Kit Specific)
  • MAP Oil Feed and Drain Line
  • MAP Coolant Bypass Line
  • Turbosmart Vee Port BOV
  • Turbosmart CompGate-40mm Wastegate
  • Precision 5862 Journal Bearing Turbo with SP Cover
  • PTP Turbo Blanket
  • DEI Heat Wrap
  • Tune file for Cobb Accessport.
[gallery size="medium" ids="14248,14250,14251"] Capable of making numbers far north of 500whp, you get nothing but the best components from some of the most well known manufacturers in the forced induction industry. Included in the Ecoboost Mustang Turbo Upgrade kit is a Precision Turbo 5862 journal bearing turbocharger, Turbosmart BOV and Wastegate, a whole slew of custom MAPerformance engineering, and a custom tune for the Cobb AP3 to top it all off. When it's all said and done, the Mustang GT boys will be scratching their heads when you show em nothing but your taillights! Be sure to keep an eye on the MAPerformance blog for more information regarding our Ecoboost project, our quest for 700whp and a 10s quarter-mile, and many other awesome projects! You wont want to miss an update!

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