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Planning a 2JZ build? You'll want a Torque Plate!

Posted on 02 June 2015

Machining your 2JZ? You'll want a Torque Plate to go along with that!

You're building a high performance 2JZ, buying nothing but the best 2JZ parts and sparing no cost to ensure it's built to last. But the second you enter the machine shop for perform the required service on your engine block without a torque plate, you're taking a huge risk and compromising the integrity of your build. Plain and simple; you need a torque plate to ensure all machine work is done under the same conditions you'd see with the 2JZ cylinder head bolted to the block. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="455"]2jz torque plate2jz Click image to buy a 2JZ Torque Plate![/caption] Very small discrepancies have been seen when machining a 2JZ without a torque plate. Sure, these discrepancies may be minimal, but would you really want to risk damaging your engine internals after spending countless hours planning and prepping your build? Doubtful. The Torque Plate takes place of the cylinder head, accurately reflecting distortion and deformities do your machine work is done as close to operating conditions as possible. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="462"]billet 2jz torque plate Elegantly CNC Machined 2JZ Torque Plate![/caption] The MAPerformance 2JZ Torque Plate is carved from a solid plate of 2" thick Billet aluminum and is suitable for bore sizes ranging from stock to 89mm, allowing plenty of space for over-bores! DOM Steel spacers allow for proper stud penetration, and is compatible with stock or aftermarket 1/2" head studs. The 2JZ torque plate is CNC machined right here in our Minnesota based performance shop with locally sourced billet aluminum, meaning it's 100% made in the USA! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="458"]toyota torque plate Click to buy your 2JZ Torque Plate![/caption] Contact us today with any questions you have regarding the 2JZ torque plate, your Toyota Performance build, or questions regarding 2JZ performance parts. Our dedicated staff is at your service, ready to assist in any way possible! Be sure to keep an eye on the MAPerformance blog, as we continue to develop great parts for every build under the sun. You wont want to miss an update, as we announce sales, product releases, and technical guides frequently, constantly giving you the best automotive content for every enthusiast.

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  • Tom Sisson: November 10, 2015

    David parks
    … still don’t really get wtf a torque plate is or how it’s used.. km guessing like that at girdle or 4bolt main?

  • Patrick Inthisane: November 10, 2015

    “Plain and simple” or was “plan and simple” what you were going for?

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