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Modern Automotive Performance

Keep your Evo X Regular with MAP's AFPR Kit

Posted on 24 April 2015

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Install Kit with AEM FPR

Click here to get yours Today! [caption id="attachment_13406" align="aligncenter" width="625"]DSC_1161 Click the Image to get your AFPR[/caption] Whenever you're changing your fuel system... injectors, pump, fuel rail...anything! its a good idea to get a new Fuel Pressure Regulator. The OEM unit is notorious for not keeping constant pressures at times, they are also wear out with high boost applications. This kit will not only get you a superior fuel pressure regulator but will give you everything you need to install it, too! This kit also gives you the ability to raise base pressure, which in many cases is nice on larger injectors to maintain a smoother idle, as well as flowing more volume with higher base pressure in the upper RPM band with fueling. This MAPerformance kit includes a AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulator, white face Turbosmart fuel pressure gauge, fuel rail adapter, mounting bracket, 3/8" hoses, and all necessary -6an fittings to accurately adjust and monitor fuel pressure in your Evo X! Includes black and silver shadow series fittings for a cleaner sleeper look under the hood! The AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulator features 6061 T-6 aluminum construction and can handle up to 1,000hp! The regulator allows adjustment from 20 PSI of rail pressure all the way to the max that your pump will flow and has a 1:1 rising rate ratio, identical to the stock FPR. There is also an outlet to accommodate a fuel pressure gauge, which as mentioned is included in this kit, and the FPR may be mounted remotely from the rail using the supplied bracket and screws or directly to the rail. As you can see our push-lock fuel line is black rather than that hideous blue you see with many kits, creating a low cost alternative that still maintains the stealth look!    

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