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WORKS Evo Shaft Seals

Posted on 15 April 2015

Aperture High Pressure Shaft Seals for the Lancer Evo 7, 8 & 9

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The shaft seals on a stock throttle body can only withstand a limited amount of pressure before they fail, especially as they get older. Most other aftermarket seals are only rated for 7 psi and are usually poor-fitting. If you plan on tuning your EVO and running higher boost, bad or old seals can give way leading to more expensive problems and frustrations.

We have even seen up to 2 psi of pressure loss! WORKS has addressed this issue by developing special high pressure shaft seals for our Aperture throttle bodies. Designed to fit like the stock throttle shaft seals these stronger units are rated to 25+ psi. These are a must if your shaft seals are over 3 years old, have more than 30k miles, or you plan on running a big turbo or cranking up the boost on a stock turbo. Reasonably priced, the WORKS High Pressure Aperture Shaft Seals are an inexpensive way to prevent engine problems on tuned EVOs.

This complete kit also includes a new OEM throttle body gasket and WORKS Installation Instructions.

This is an original WORKS product that is often imitated by others so be careful!

These seals are relatively easy to install with a large hammer and some care.

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