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Aggressive Lift for your Mitsubishi Evo 8/9

Posted on 10 April 2015

MAPerformance Beehive Valve Spring Kit

Click here to get your Springs AND with Titanium Retainers  [caption id="attachment_13371" align="aligncenter" width="625"]DSC_1054 Click the Image to get your Beehive Springs[/caption]   MAP beehive valve springs are engineered to exacting tolerances utilizing only the finest materials by an ISO certified valve spring manufacturer. Designed with performance in mind these valve springs are ideal for camshafts that feature more aggressive lift and duration profiles.

Why Beehive?

MAP beehive valve springs utilize ovate shaped wire that more effectively distributes stress over the entire wire area in comparison to a typical round wire spring. The thinner cross-section wire also allows for more coil bind clearance to accommodate higher lift camshafts. Retainer end mass is reduced allowing for improved performance in high RPM applications and coil surging is dramatically reduced providing improved valve control and fatigue life of the spring itself.

Included Components

This particular kit includes a complete set of 16 valve springs only as they were designed to utilize the factory Evolution 8 & 9 spring seats and retainers. If valvetrain stability is your primary concern, replacing your factory springs with these alone is more than sufficient for the majority of our customers. However, a complete kit with titanium retainers at an additional cost would further reduce valvetrain mass if that is the intent.

Spring Pressures

High Performance Series

Seat @ 1.56" = 68lbs .300" = 150lbs .400" = 185lbs .450" = 200lbs Max Recommended Lift: 11.4mm

Ultimate Duty Series

Seat @ 1.50" = 85lbs .473" = 202lbs Max Recommended Lift: 12mm

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