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Treadstone 3" Stainless Exhaust Coupler

Posted on 23 March 2015

Flex Section FC300-4
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Flex couplers are used to isolate engine vibration to your exhaust components, and prevent cracks in your downpipes, cat-backs headers and turbo manifolds. Treadstone created Stainless Steel Flex Couplers that have bellows with interlocking lining to help increased exhaust flow through the coupler, and prevent excessive back pressure.

Standard flex couplers have either, a braided inner liner that in time will burn out creating an obstruction in the exhaust track, or others with a flex bellow that creates turbulence when exhaust gases flow through. These are the only type of flex coupler that can withstand high pre-turbo exhaust temperatures, meaning you can use these flex couplers when complex turbo header designs are needed to prevent turbo header cracks. Making these perfect for turbo downpipes! This particular flex section has a 3 inch inner diameter and is 4 inches long. People typically add this to their exhaust to cut down on vibration and buzzing while driving. It allows the exhaust to flex and move free from the engine vibrations. They can also relieve stress going to the downpipe if you were to bottom out or hit a bump. While exhaust hangers are also designed to dim down noise and vibration, often with high horsepower turbo engines, something more durable may be required. Hangers are cheap but often can be tricky to replace so you are better of taking precaution and upgrading to a flex coupler when designing your exhaust system.

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