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88-99 BMW E30/E36 Aluminum Radiators from Mishimoto

Posted on 09 February 2015

88-99 BMW E30/E36 Aluminum Radiator

[caption id="attachment_12570" align="aligncenter" width="298"]88-99 BMW E30/E36 Aluminum Radiator Click image above for a BMW E30/E36 Aluminum Radiator[/caption]  

The Mishimoto E30/E36 X-Line Performance Aluminum Radiator is manufactured using durable aircraft-quality aluminum end tanks which are precision TIG-welded to an efficient brazed aluminum core. The inlet and outlets provide precise leak-free connections. The Mishimoto aluminum radiator is equipped with all stock sensor ports for overflow and temperature, which can be used with stock sensors and hoses.

An ideal upgrade to the stock OEM radiator, the Mishimoto BMW E36 aluminum radiator will give your vehicle a cooler, more efficient running engine. Most people overlook the importance of installing an upgraded radiator in their engine, not only will it produce 30% greater cooling capacity, but it will also boost engine functions and prevent your car from overheating. All Mishimoto performance radiators are made with durable aircraft quality aluminum, feature a dual core, and polished end tanks. By replacing your stock BMW radiator you will notice a cooler, more efficient running engine. Many E36's have factory cooling problems. Mishimoto can solve your cooling problems with our durable, efficient aluminum radiator.


Overall Size: 27.7" x 17.8" x 3.5" Core Size: 21.46" x 17.13" Rows: 2 Inlet: 1.5" Outlet: 1.5" Core Thickness: 1.57" Tank Wall Thickness: .08" Fill Neck: None Drain Plug Thread Size: (M16) .06" Drain Plug Thread Length: .047" Purchase Includes: Mishimoto Radiator, Mishimoto Radiator Cap, 1 Year Warranty    

88-99 BMW E30/E36 Aluminum Radiator 88-99 BMW E30/E36 Aluminum Radiator

Click here to purchase your 88-99 BMW E30/E36 Aluminum Radiator by Mishimoto

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