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BMW E36/E46 Super Lock LSD by OS Giken

Posted on 08 December 2014

BMW E36/E46 Super Lock LSD by OS Giken

OS Giken's Super Lock LSD for the BMW E36/46 M3 is a must for performance BMW drivers. The OS Super Lock LSD is the culmination of over four years of extensive research and development that led to a revolutionary LSD design with the capacity to house an unprecedented number of friction plates (up to 28 plates in total). Combined with OS Giken's patented lock timing system, the Super Lock LSD is able to achieve complete lock in a progressive, smooth, and quiet manner, making it suitable for both street and racing performance.

Superior Design - Miniaturized pressure ring and a superior spline-through-side-gear design allows for fitment of more friction plates (up to 2x as many as competitors versions), offering true 100% lock capability. - Patented pressure ring design allows for smooth, progressive locking - LSD case has a relief cut-out for the cone spring, resulting in minimal cone spring degradation and enhanced durability. Superior Construction - All components are chemically heat treated for maximum durability - All components are constructed from a high-grade steel alloy Gears are raw-forged for maximum strength - Clutch disks are precision-machined simultaneously on both sides to extremely tight tolerances resulting in minimal warpage. - LSD case is machined from a single billet piece to ensure uniformity.      
[caption id="attachment_10914" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Super Lock LSD Click image above to BUY NOW![/caption]  

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