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Evolution X Test Pipe and Rear Control Arms | New Evo X Parts!

Posted on 06 November 2014

Evolution X Test Pipe and Adjustable Rear Control arms the latest additions to our inventory!

Your Evolution 10 is your pride and joy. You traded in your old Honda Accord and forked over a bunch of cash just to make sure you didn't have to make payments on it. This is good. No payments means more money for aftermarket parts. MAPerformance is your source for those parts! We've got two new products we're proud to announce! The first being a great exhaust modification that will free up a few extra ponies and add a rumble to the seat of your pants. The second being something more tailored to the road racer, but just as awesome as the other! Check them out below and feel free to contact us here at MAPerformance with any questions you have relating to either part. We're happy to hear from you and get you on your way with some great Evo X Parts!

Evolution X Test Pipe with Resonator by MAP

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="728" class=" "]evolution x test pipe Click here to get your Evolution X Test Pipe![/caption] The MAP Evo X test pipe with Vibrant Performance Resonator is 100% Made in the USA featuring 304 stainless steel flanges, 3" diameter 304 stainless steel tubing. An anti-fouler for the secondary o2 sensor will help to avoid any check engine lights. Purchase includes gaskets and hardware for easy installation along with a lifetime warranty.

Click here to purchase your MAPerformance Evolution X Test Pipe!

Evo X Adjustable Rear Control Arms by Torque Solution (TS-EX-007)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="527" class=" "]evo x control arms Evolution X Adjustable Rear Control Arms[/caption] If you are experiencing uneven tire wear due to too much camber? If so, then this kit will help bring your alignment back in spec for better performance and help you from shredding your tires prematurely! These control arms will bring your car back within spec after lowering the vehicle. If you plan to track your car or get the full life of your tires these are a must have!

Click here to purchase you Torque Solution Evo X Rear Control Arms!

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