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3D Printing Car Parts? Is this for real? YES, with a gMax 3D Printer at MAP!

Posted on 01 July 2014

3D Printing Car Parts has become increasingly more popular as of late, and MAPerformance is getting involved!

Machining car parts can be expensive. Machining prototypes isn't any cheaper. Anyone familar with the process of CNC Machining can attest to this fact. Since we're often developing high-end performance parts, we're constantly rolling out prototypes of new parts. As you can imagine, this gets rather costly pretty fast.

Our new gMax 3D printer getting setup!

It is with this is mind that we decided it was time to look into the process of 3D printing car parts. Not only is it less expensive in the long run, but also allows us to develop prototype's faster, with a quicker turn around time. The end result is more parts for you at the same MAPerformance price-point! A gMax 3D printer allows anything designed in our Research and Development department's CAD system to be turned into a duplicate component in just a few hours. Even complex and intricately detailed components can quickly be created from scratch in less than a day, allowing our team to trial-fit and modify components before committing to the final product. This makes 3D printing car parts a great investment for both the company and our customers!

3d printing car partsThe printer uses an acrylic that melts into the pattern specified by an open-source CNC program.

We've got a few things in mind, and our CNC programmer is hard at work getting things settled and tested before the real development begins. We're wondering what you're interested in? What would you like to see MAPerformance research and develop on the gMax 3D printer? Leave a comment below with your suggestion. Be sure to include a year, make, and model with your idea. Keep an eye on the MAPerformance fabrication page as we'll announce new up-and-coming 3D Printed Car Parts. We think the process is pretty cool, and I'm sure you do too!


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  • Zach Pageloff: November 10, 2015

    Cristian Lemus look at this

  • Timothy TFresh Petrillo: November 10, 2015

    I love my 3d printers they work great for prototyping parts before I machine or cast anything.

  • Steven M Ninnemann: November 10, 2015

    They are great for rapid prototyping

  • Tim Babeu: November 10, 2015

    Too bad they’re so expensive and use plastic for the part. They had one at the school I was going to and it made really porous parts, or really rough.

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