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4G63 Torque Plate now available via MAPerformance!

Posted on 17 June 2014

Does your machinist use a torque plate? Ensure a precision hone/bore job by using a 4G63 Torque plate next time you build your block!

Most people are unaware that honing a block without torque pressure around the cylinders can cause deformation of the cylinder walls once the engine is assembled. This can prevent piston rings from completely sealing, leading to scuffing of the cylinder walls, decreased piston life, and in some cases, a wasted block. If you've invested any amount of money into your build like most of our customers, the above circumstances are the last thing you want to happen.

4g63 torque plate 

Click to buy the MAPerformance 4g63 torque plate![/caption] MAPerformance is proud to announce the addition of the 4G63 Torque Plate to our ever expanding list of engine assembly accessories. In our years of experience working with Evo 8/9's and DSM's, high performing 4G63's are prone to cylinder distortion if not torque when machined. Do yourself a favor by installing this 4g63 honing plate during the boring process to ensure you're putting the same constraints on the block as you would during assembly.

4g63 torque plate Click to buy the MAPerformance 4g63 torque plate![/caption] In order to maintain the closest possible block distortion, make sure you are using the same type cylinder head gasket, as well as the same type of bolt or stud set that will be used during final engine assembly during the honing operation. Ask your machinist if they're using a torque plate while machining your 4G63 block. If they say no, send them to MAPerformance BEFORE they begin working on your block.

4g63 torque plate 

Click to buy the MAPerformance 4g63 torque plate![/caption] Keep an eye on the MAPerformance blog as we announce more great products like this 4G63 Engine Honing Torque Plate. We're always researching and developing new ways to keep your high performance 4G63 on the road and happy.

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