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BRZ / FR-S Oil Cooler Installation Guide now available!

Posted on 13 June 2014

We recently completed the installation of a 2013+ Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S Oil Cooler, and we've got the installation guide to show you how to do it yourself!

A few weeks ago, we blogged about the release of our brand new BRZ / FR-S Oil Cooler kit. We explained some of the features and benefits you'd gain from installing such a great kit. Well, we've installed our first kit and decided it was a great time to show you how it's done! We met up with our shop tech Andrew and go to work putting in the BRZ / FT86 / FR-S Oil Cooler! [caption id="attachment_9598" align="alignnone" width="600"]fr-s oil cooler Click here to check out the installation guide![/caption] The whole process took us about two hours. The installation process is rather straightforward, as it mounts the cooler in front of the radiator. On a turbocharged FR-S / BRZ, it is located between the intercooler and the radiator. Installation requires removal of the front bumper and a few under panel pieces, but can be accomplished by the novice backyard mechanic in a few hours with a general tool arsenal. [caption id="attachment_9491" align="alignnone" width="721"]FR-S Oil Cooler Everything you'll receive in your FR-S Oil Cooler kit![/caption] An oil cooler is a great upgrade for people running turbocharged applications, or a purposeful modification for people who drive the car hard on the track or the street. A BRZ / FR-S Oil cooler lowers the temperature of the FA20's lubricating system. This is necessary, as cooler oil lubricates better. It increases the oil-capacity of the vehicle by just over a quart. We've got a few more installation guides in the works, so keep an eye on the MAPerformance blog and technical section as we'll be releasing these over the next few weeks. As always, stay tuned to the MAP Blog for product releases, information, and special events!

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