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Crazy 1992 Eagle Talon TSI Build | Big Turbo, All-Wheel Drive, No Jokes.

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

AWD Eagle Talon makes consistent passes in the low 9's winning Battle of the Imports and Import Drag Racing Circuit, making it a mean 1G DSM.

Back in 2008, Jake M. built his 1992 Eagle Talon TSI with one goal: to go fast, and win races. It is with this goal in mind that he built one of the baddest 1G DSM's we've ever seen. A massive Garrett GT4202 was added alongside a 100 shot of nitrous. The Talon was dubbed EvilEagle by friends and foes alike, and ran 8.66 @ 165mph with this setup. Unfortunately, transfer case and rear end issues limited him to only a few passes, but the thrill of racing was in his blood.

eagle talon tsi build Fast forward to 2013 when Jake decided it was time to open up the Talon, throw some new parts at it, and finally make a name for himself and the Evil Eagle. The motor was built to 10:1 compression with a Precision Turbo 4276 and a custom MAP Divided T4 Manifold. The drivetrain was re-constructed with a built Automatic transmission and various Kiggly components. The drivetrain makes a huge difference according to Jake, who says "the car is ten times more reliable with the Kiggly and Hollands drivetrain parts ... we have over thirty low 9-second passes without one single drivetrain failure." A reliable AND fast Eagle Talon TSI build? Sounds almost too good to be true! eagle talon tsi build

Here is the complete build sheet, including a ton of parts sourced from MAPerforance:

Motor Mods

    • 10:1 compression 2.0L
    • custom built 10:1 compression arias pistons
    • FFWD aluminum rods
    • OEM 2.0L Crank
    • Kiggly crank girdle
    • Kiggly high pressure beehive valve springs
    • super tech standard sized valves
    • GSC S3 cams 
    • AEM tru time cam gears
    • Kiggly HLA pressure regulator
    • H11 head studs

    Drivetrain Mods

    Induction / Turbo Setup

    Fuel Mods

          • Magnafuel prostar fuel pump
          • FIC 2150cc injectors
          • JMfabrications fuel cell E98 fuel Weldon fuel pressure regulator NX single fogger nitrous for stalling up (100 shot dry)

    Electronics and Gauges

    Suspension Setup

          • D2 drag coil overs
          • Hoosier 15x26x8 drag slicks
          • rota 15x7 slipstream wheels.

    The car will be back on the track for more action this coming summer. Jake was slowed down by some minor issues including a blown head gasket and a random misfire that has developed more recently. After he gets the bugs out, he hopes to hit the glorious 8.5s mark consistently and reliably with nitrous-oxide only being used during spool / staging. Stay tuned to our blog as we continue to highlight the impressive builds of our dedicated customers. If you'd like to have your car featured, its easy! Simply hop over to our MAP Customer Rides page and create a build thread for your car. We just might decide to do a write up if we like it enough, though we doubt you'll be able to top this sick Eagle Talon TSI build! [gallery ids="9214,9213,9216"]

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    • Josh Hinckley: November 10, 2015

      Why are you sad? Makes 100% sense with what the car is made for, especially for the pocketbook. This year will be a good one for Jake for sure

    • Patrick Fisher: November 10, 2015

      An inspiration “back in the day” and glad to see he’s brought the car back out but truly sad to see it go auto.

    • Josh Thompson: November 10, 2015

      One of my favorite cars to follow. hope to see it back at MIR one day maybe for imports vs domestics ???

    • Andrew Olson: November 10, 2015

      Used to have that exact same car! .. not quite as fast tho lol

    • Robert Tanksley: November 10, 2015

      Patrick Fisher, nothing wrong with an auto, especially in drag racing it increases your conistancy, and decreases the amount of money and labor spent replacing driveline parts.

    • Jake Montgomery: November 10, 2015

      Thanks Patrick Fisher for the kind words! Good to be back.

    • Patrick Fisher: November 10, 2015

      Best of luck to you Jake. Followed your progress through the early to mid 2000’s and like I said, you were an inspiration for us to build our DSM up to a 9 second car. Giver hell man and glad you’re back with the Evil Eagle!!!

    • Austin Martinelli: November 10, 2015

      Andrew Pelton Matt Litke

    • Jake Montgomery: November 10, 2015

      Trust me Patrick, a big part of me misses the h pattern. It just may go back to a dog box trans, but for now it will be auto.

    • ForcePower Motorsports: November 10, 2015

      I to am so glad to see this car back running times. Jake you were missed, we followed your progress over the years and like Patrick said a true inspiration to many DSM’rs.
      I to am a die hard “H pattern” racer, yes it’s true you can improve your consistency going auto. But the challenge of wrangling a big “H pattern” car down the track is so rewarding when done right.
      Good luck Jake and good to see the car back no matter what drive train you run.

    • Charlie Price: November 10, 2015

      Lamaar Oatman

    • Nickolas Ukasick: November 10, 2015

      Alex Todd

    • Randy Roberts: November 10, 2015

      Auto is the way to go, it’s obviously working!!

    • Jake Montgomery: November 10, 2015

      Thanks ForcePower Motorsports! Really appreciate the kind words.

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