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STi Surge Tank Kit from MAPerformance | Fits 2004-2007 Subaru STi / WRX

Posted on 14 April 2014

Do you have fuel starvation symptoms? If so, your Subaru WRX / STi might benefit from one of the best surge tank designs on the aftermarket!

Early last month, we showed you an awesome 2004 STi running our Subaru rotated turbo kit. The car made some great power and should have no issue going around the track, in large part because of the impressive motor build and turbo setup, but also because of what's in the trunk. No, it's not nitrous (although we admit that'd be kinda cool). It's an MAPerformance STi surge tank kit. sti surge tank kit If you're a fan of going around corners fast, you're running the risk of fuel starvation. Fuel starvation is bad for the engine as it can lead to detonation, and excessive detonation leads to failed engine components. A stock STi gas tank has a saddle bag design, which is a high risk point for fuel starvation. However, our surge tank provides enough fuel to consistently support 700+ horsepower! Notice the word consistently? With this kit, fuel exhaustion is a thing of the past!

Included Components

  • Radium Engineering Surge Tank
  • TI Automotive 400lph E85 Fuel Pump
  • Deatschwerks Fuel Pump Hardwire Installation Kit
  • MAP Surge Tank Mounting Bracket (Spare tire wheel well)
  • Fuel Fittings, Lines, and Hardware
sti surge tank kit hose and fittingssurge tank kit The MAPerformance Subaru WRX / STi surge tank kit includes everything you need for installation, without having to worry about any fuel pump housing modifications. Once installed, your factory fuel pump (or any upgraded pump you've already got in there) will serve as a lift pump feeding the surge tank, which then feeds the TI Automotive pump, sending it to your motor for combustion. Don't worry about the size of your in tank pump, when they aren't under pressure they flow a lot more fuel and will have no problem keeping up! You wont regret installing this STi surge tank kit in your Subaru! Installation is super easy and takes no more than a few hours. We're currently working on an installation guide which will make that process even simpler! As always, orders over $100 will get FREE standard shipping.

Don't hesitate, order your 2004-2007 STi Surge Tank Kit today!

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    A surge tank kit for the 08 STi

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