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Ford Coyote Mustang Header Flanges | 304 Stainless Steel Manifold and Header Flanges

Posted on 07 April 2014

Own a new Ford Mustang GT or Mustang Boss 302 and looking to make a set of headers? Check out the MAPerformance 304ss Ford Coyote Mustang exhaust flanges.

Mustang owners dream of distinct exhaust tones and burning rubber. MAP's stainless steel exhaust manifold and header flanges will help you get on the right track to designing custom, high performance headers for your 5.0 Ford Coyote Mustang. boss302 These high quality flanges are perfect for customizing a set of Ford 5.0L Coyote tubular headers or exhaust manifolds. Considering boost? These flanges are great for blueprinting turbo applications. Our Ford Coyote Mustang header flange is constructed of 3/8" thick 304 stainless steel, giving maximum corrosion resistance and longevity. It's 1-5/8" primary openings may be ported to accept larger primaries, but will work in stock form for most applications. Ford Coyote Mustang manifold flange The Coyote header outlet flange is constructed of 3/8" thick 304 stainless steel, again giving maximum corrosion resistance and optimal longevity. It features a 3" opening and 4.625" bolt spacing, allowing it to bolt up to the factory mid-pipes and many aftermarket Mustang exhaust systems. Ford Coyote Mustang header flange What's more, the low cost of these items will allow you to make big power without hurting your wallet. If you have any questions about these flanges or would like to place an order, contact a MAP sales rep today! All orders over $100 get FREE domestic shipping!

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  • Joseph James Mihela: November 10, 2015

    Greg Bartos

  • Modern Automotive Performance: November 10, 2015

    We will have complete turbo kits in the near future, skip the headers and lets get serious!

  • Adam E. Pinkerton: November 10, 2015

    He can’t weld

  • Greg Bartos: November 10, 2015

    Or…I can buy a set…that comes welded

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