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Using an OEM Evo X Housing vs Upgrading to a MAP EF Series Turbo

Posted on 04 April 2014

MAPerformance's EF Series Turbos offer OEM Reliability with Aftermarket Power

The MAP EF series turbo has recently been redeveloped and re-engineered to produce optimal performance levels previously unheard of in the Evo X aftermarket scene. If you recently purchased one of our MAP EF Series turbochargers, you've probably received these revised components and are already running a great turbocharger. More details can be found on our revisions here. However, if you're on the fence about whether or not to buy a new turbo or purchase a core upgrade unit, you may be wondering about the differences between the two.
map ef series turbo is stock frame
Typically, re-using a core turbo requires building up material on the outside of the housing in order to support the machine work required on the inside of the unit to accommodate a larger turbine wheel. This extra material can be weakened because it isn't part of the original cast, making this process risky and sometimes dangerous. Another, more reliable option is to purchase a new turbo unit. This can be the better option because it offers more peace of mind and reliability over time. Currently, not many companies offer new stock frame turbochargers for Evo X's, forcing many people to go the re-manufactured route. At MAPerformance, we have developed a new turbocharger housing that is more acceptable for future upgrades and offers the same reliability you'd expect from an OEM Turbo. Some companies are charging the same price for rebuilt cores as they would be for a new turbo, which is unfair to the consumer. Why would you pay over two thousand dollars for a rebuilt stock frame turbo when you can invest in a new unit from MAP for less? Currently, the MAPerformance EF4 turbo costs less than a re-built unit from Forced Performance any many other competitors.
EF4 map ef series turbo
MAP's EF Series turbos are the best choice for stock frame Evo X turbochargers. You can rely on low prices, industry leading warranties, and high quality products for your aftermarket needs.

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  • Matt Jerozal: November 10, 2015

    Proud owner of a fully optioned out EF3. Good stuff

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