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Mitsubishi Evo 8 Turbo Upgrade Results | MAP EF 2.5 Nets Impressive Dyno Numbers

Posted on 27 March 2014

Mitsubishi Evolution 8/9 EF Series Turbochargers are known for their impressive numbers, and the Dyno results keep rolling in!

If you're looking for a Evo 8 Turbocharger Upgrade, our EF Series Evo 8/9 turbochargers have been gaining traction in the aftermarket over the past few months, and we couldn't be prouder of the results we've seen from our customers. The latest results come from an Evo 8 out of Pennsylvania. mitsubishi evo 8 turbo upgrade This Evolution 8 made an impressive 446whp/392wtq on 93 octane tested on a Mustang Chassis Dyno. The mods list isn't overwhelmingly extensive either which just goes to show that the MAP EF 2.5 turbo can produce great numbers while being a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to larger turbos. Here's the mods list: If you're looking for a fast spooling turbocharger that is sure to meet your power requirements, there is no better choice than the MAP EF2.5 Mitsubishi Evo 8 Turbo Upgrade. We estimate it's capable of making 500whp on E85 and 425whp on 93 octane, but this dyno sheet shatters our pump gas prediction. .mitsubishi evo 8 turbo upgrade from MAPerformance If you have any questions regarding this turbo or any other EF Series turbocharger, don't hesitate to contact our sales team today! We'd be more than happy to set you up with the perfect turbo to make your power goals.

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  • Craig Buffington: November 10, 2015

    I’m waiting on my EF2 to return :)

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