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2014 Twin Cities Auto Show Recap | What Was Your Highlight?

Posted on 20 March 2014

Did You Attend the TC Auto Show? Guest blogger Toua Yang offers his 'Peoples Choice' Awards and give us a 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show Recap

As the Twin Cities saw what awaits us in the near future with 40-degree weather, most of us were still suffering from the winter blues. If you were out and about, it’s likely because you went to the Twin Cities Auto Show. If you didn’t, shame on you. There were a lot of amazing features this year, from food trucks and simulators, to dealerships showing off what new cars they are producing or and their new wheels are capable of. 2014 twin cities auto show entry way   In the mix of shiny paint jobs, L.E.D back-lit displays and very expensive toys, sat a car that looked like it belonged in our local U-Pull-r-Parts scrap yard. Want a clue? Look for the manufacturer with three red diamonds. Are you still clueless? The vehicle was in display at the Mitsubishi area. On the side of the vehicle was a sticker that read “65 MPH vs Semi-truck…and she walked away with only a bloody nose.” If you get close enough to the car you will have noticed a QR code overlaying the rear driver side window. If you pulled out your smart phone and used a QR code reader app, you would’ve gotten a link to this video. Okay I will say it, because I know half of you are thinking this too. Yes it sounded like a Subaru commercial, but did you see the new Evo on a platform circling around Subaru area? (Just kidding) In the video, you see the former owner, Sarah. Luckily for us, we had a chance to meet her. To be honest, we were speechless after seeing the wreck. “I am glad to be alive,” said Sarah, “only to walk away with a bloody nose,” while she pointed out features in her Outlander that contributed to her safety. What was most shocking to us was that the panoramic sunroof was still intact. Concern for this feature had gained some popularity after a similar feature led to a recall by Hyundai. It is amazing to see how much technology has improved, and the way manufactures are building their vehicles. There was much to see and interact with at this years Twin Cities Auto Show. We'd like to give thanks to #TCAutoShow and #GMADA for giving us this opportunity and hosting such a great event. Thank you to Sarah for sharing her amazing story and White Bear Mitsubishi Suzuki for this amazing highlight. The people’s choice awards for this year:
  • Best Exhibit Overall: Toyota
  • Best Entertainment: Jeep
  • Most Innovative: Jeep
  • Most Cheerful Exhibitor: Subaru
  • Best Spokespeople: Chevy
  • Best Use of Sound: Ford
  • Best Interactive: Ford
  • Best Use of Light: Volkswagen
Did you attend the 2014 Twin Cities Auto Show? What was your personal highlight from the show?

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