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Modern Automotive Performance

King Bearings Review | Available for Chevy LS3, Honda B-Series, and Mitsubishi 4G63 Motors

Posted on 18 March 2014

We give you a King Bearings review to figure out what makes them better than the others. We've found a reliable bearing for your High Performance Racing Machine! 

With all AM, SI, and HP King Racing Bearings, you'll find a special Bi-Metal alloy that consists of two aluminum layers. King offers a special Tri-Metal bearing with a plated overlay for their CP and XP based bearings. Both tri and bi-metal bearings are available in standard through .040 undersizes, which is the widest assortment in the industry. king bearings review XP series King offers the most reliable bearing for a street/strip motor, available in the HP line. It is capable of taking high loads for short duration's of time while offering superior embedability and conformability characteristics. If the circle track is more your type, King recommends the XP line of bearings due to its ability to sustain very high RPM's for extended periods of time. Have a billet crank? No problem. All King HP and XP performance bearings are narrowed to clear large billet aftermarket crankshafts. What makes King Bearings better than the leading competitor? King uses the strongest overlay material available for race engines. King's unique black surface is not just for looks. The black overlay is a result of their revolutionary hardening process. King creates a surface that's 24% stronger and offers greater fatigue resistance than both Clevite and ACL. Not only does it look and feel different, it performs better than your typical racing bearing. Kings Average Load capacity is a staggering 10,200psi versus most competitors 9,400psi rating. It's average hardness is 18.1HV compared to 14HV from competitors. king bearings review When building a performance Chevorlet LS, Honda B-Series, or Mitsubishi 4G63, you must ALWAYS think about the small components. Failed bearings are typically the leading cause of race engine failure, so protect your investment with King Bearings. Lower your failure risk and engine bearings replacement costs by chosing King Bearings. You wont regret it!

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  • Laurynas Dvareckas: November 10, 2015

    Well whuppy. Just recently I had an engine rebuild with ACL bearings and now I find out that the ACL bearings I bought from MAP are crap.. :)

  • Mike Lamphere: November 10, 2015

    Ross Hjelmgren

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