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Modern Automotive Performance

The Olympics were Great and all...

Posted on 24 February 2014

Every two years, we spend hours watching the Olympics, but why?

MAP-olympics rings Athletes spend hours upon hours training for the Olympic games. They have a specific goal in mind when devoting their lives to the sport they're participating in. Olympic athletes are a lot like car enthusiasts if you think about it. They are terribly competitive, spend lots of time and money investing in a goal, and most of the time, they hate losing! Just because the 2014 Winter Olympics have wrapped up and the athletes are returning home with stories of glory and triumph, it doesn't mean that you can take a break from attaining on your goals. Being glorious on the race track is just as an amazing feeling as being honored by your country. So get your hands greasy, turn a wrench or two, and get ready for a fun summer!!

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