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Toyota Renews trademark on Supra title, what does this mean?

Posted on 21 February 2014

What does the re-trademarking of Supra mean?

Toyota has suspiciously renewed their trademark on the name Supra. Car enthusiasts everywhere are drooling over the concept designs of a two door Toyota sportscar dubbed the FT-1, and rightfully so. The photos from the 2014 Detroit Auto show highlight bold design ideas, bright red paint, black valance features, and an aggressive stance commonly found on such high performance cars like the Nissan GT-R and McLaren M1. 3toyota-ft-1-supra-concept-detroit 4toyota-ft-1-supra-concept-detroit Could the trademark renewal paired with the striking two-door concept car mean the inevitable return of one of the most popular Japanese supercars? While it would be safe to speculate, I wouldn't hope too much. Automakers typically renew popular trademark terms such as vehicle names as to prevent losing rights to production. Whats interesting though is the fact that Toyota didn't renew the trademark after 2010, leaving the Supra tag free to the masses. They applyed for it again in 2010, so technically couldn't Toyota have started production then? 3toyota-ft-1-supra-concept-detroit 4toyota-ft-1-supra-concept-detroit Either way, the joint venture between BMW and Toyota will surely lead to something, but who knows if the Supra will make a return under that agreement. Only time will tell for sure.

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